RG ALLEN Resistors

rga resistors RG Alllen offers a wide range of both fixed and variable wire wound resistors, power resistors, Network resistors and custom resistors for any application. Whether you need shunt resistors, power resistors, rheostats, braking resistors, variable resistors or any type of wire wound resistor we can assist you.
In high-end audio equipment, careful selection of resistors is one of the best ways to avoid or minimize noise and distortion.

Application: Resistors are the most fundamental and commonly used of all the electronic components. Resistors are essential in electronic circuits, as they control the amount of current that runs through them. Without resistors voltage would be too great for individual components to handle and would result in overloading or destruction.

  • Excellent stability in high temperature, resistant to humidity and shock with economic price
  • Instant overload capability; low noise figure
  • Non-Flammable Construction
  • Low-Inductance type is available
  • Low and High Resistance value available
  • Precision Resistance Tolerance +/-0.1% +/-0.5% +/-1% +/-5% +/-10% +/-20%

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