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RG ALLEN Design Kits:

rga components RG ALLEN supplies quality kits to the electronics industry. RG ALLEN kits are built with high quality resistors, capacitors components. Kit labels include the manufacturer's part number and lot number for factory traceability. We also work with you to customize kits to provide the components you need in the most convenient packaging.

RG Allen offers a broad range of capacitor, resistor kits. You'll find surface mount capacitor lab kits, leaded varistor kits, surface mount capacitor lab kits, resistor lab kits, and much more.

It's pretty easy to design exciting fun projects using small electronic components like sensors, capacitors, resistors, processors, controllers, diodes and LEDs. Resistors are a good thing, in fact, they're actually crucial in a lot of circuit designs. The only problem seems to be that resistors disappear into thin air. The only way to be sure that you are going have the resistor you need when you need it is to stock up, and keep them organized. Our kits are not front-loaded with low ohm values (not used in tube electronics) that you will never use. We include the sizes you will use.
Our kits provide you with a basic assortment of capacitors or/and resistors to start or continue your electronics tinkering. No more looking under your desk to see if you can find a spare capacitor, or resistor you might have dropped a year ago.

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