RG ALLEN Capacitors

RG ALLEN Capacitors Series:

rg-allen-capacitors RG Allen is a global supplier of high quality capacitors. Bargain brands may contain poor-quality materials and may be manufactured using processes that yield lower quality and reliability.

Applications include virtually all types of electronic devices and systems, plus some applications traditionally thought of as being more in the electrical or lighting world. Markets with the highest growth include wireless communications, electronic power technology, energy management, IGBT, solar and wind power. Hottest circuit application areas include almost everything from bypass coupling to DC link and pulse circuits. Supercapacitor (ultra capacitor) are blossoming, as engineers discover the role they can play in powering portable devices.

RG-Allen products serve the needs of Power Generation, Military, Aerospace, Space, Transportation, Energy, Oil, Industrial, Medical, Radar, Laser, Alternate Energy, Power Electronics, Energy Storage, Industrial and other demanding applications. RG-Allen offers products for High Voltage Capacitors and, High Temperature Capacitors, DC Capacitors and AC Capacitors.

Capacitors are passive electronic devices which perform a variety of important functions such as to store electrical charge, provide filtering of noise in electrical circuits, and supply a source of current under peak demand situations such as when starting the rotation of an electric motor from a static non-rotating state.

RG-Allen manufactures electronics components & parts such as cement resistors, ceramic capacitors, polyster film capacitors, Tantalum Capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and so on. We further cooperate with Japanese capacitors to develop high rank production process. Look forward to your inquires.

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