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RG ALLEN Capacitors Networks:

Capacitor Network

Networks and Arrays - Capacitor Networks: is a group of capacitors contained within the same package. A capacitor Array is similar to a capacitor network but do not connect to each other. An array contains capacitors which form no connections between any of the other components.

Capacitor networks can be designed in different formats, including surface-mount packages, through-hole packages, or specialized configurations to meet specific application requirements. They are commonly used in electronic circuits where multiple capacitors with specific capacitance values or characteristics are needed in close proximity.

RG Allen provides a range of capacitor networks, which encompass single-in-line (SIP) conformal-coated parts and single-in-line molded SIP parts. Capacitor networks refer to a configuration or arrangement of multiple capacitors combined into a single package or unit. Rather than using individual capacitors, a capacitor network allows for the integration of multiple capacitors into a single component. This arrangement can provide various benefits such as space savings, improved electrical performance, and simplified assembly processes.

RC networks, which are used extensively in industrial applications where there are inductive loads (relays, solenoid valves, motor contactors, etc.) creating electrical noise leading to contact arcing or resetting of PLCs. Resistor Capacitor (RC) Networks consist of specially designed precision capacitors and resistors connected in a series. Spark discharges and induced noise are absorbed over a wide range by the accumulation characteristic and impedance of the capacitor, while the RC time constant delays and averages surge voltage and oscillations.

RG Allen offers a series of diode networks which can be individually tailored to suit a wide range of specific applications across market sectors including high-end industrial, civil aerospace and automotive. They are for product applications where flexible high density space-saving configurations are required to address signal integrity issues.

Capacitor networks are utilized in a wide range of applications, including power supplies, filtering circuits, timing circuits, communication systems, and more. By combining multiple capacitors into a single network, they offer convenience, compactness, and enhanced electrical performance in various electronic devices and systems.

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