RG ALLEN Resistors Series:

These resistor series help provide a range of available resistor values that are conveniently spaced to allow for proper selection of resistance values in electronic circuits. The use of standardized resistor series simplifies the design process, promotes compatibility, and allows for efficient inventory management for manufacturers and suppliers. Rg Allen resistors

Resistors come in many values, shapes, and physical sizes. Consumer electronics require small and precise resistors. Industrial applications may require resistors capable of dissipating large amounts of power, so naturally these resistors end up being larger. There are also many technologies for creating resistors: carbon composite, carbon film, metal film, and wire wound.
RG Allen offers resistive solutions: precision wirewound, current sense, high surge, high pulse, surface mount and power resistors. RG Allen is specializing in Power, Film, Cement, Surface Mount, High Temperature, and High power Resistors. Resistor series play a crucial role in the selection and availability of resistor values in electronic circuits, ensuring compatibility, convenience, and standardized practices within the industry.

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