Surface Mount Capacitors

RG ALLEN Surface Mount Capacitors:

Our company provides a diverse selection of SMD (surface-mounted) capacitors to our customers across the country. SMD capacitors are a type of capacitor that utilizes surface mount technology. These capacitors are similar to traditional leaded capacitors but differ in that they feature metallized connections on both ends instead of leads. This design enables easy integration onto circuit boards and enhances space efficiency in electronic assemblies. SMD-Multilayer-Ceramic-Capacitor

This has a number of advantages:

  • Size:   SMD capacitors can be made very much smaller than their leaded relations. The fact that no wired leads are required means that different construction techniques can be sued and this allows for much smaller components to be made.
  • Ease of use in manufacturing:   As with all other surface mount components, SMD capacitors are very much easier to place using automated assembly equipment.
  • Lower spurious inductance:   The fact that no leads are required and components are smaller, means that the levels of spurious inductance are much smaller and these capacitors are much nearer the ideal component that their leaded relations.

RGA Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors are constructed by screen printing alternative layers of internal metallic electrodes onto ceramic dielectric materials and firing into a concrete monolithic body. Secondly, they are applied with metal end terminations which are fired to assure permanent bonding with the individual internal electrodes. Reliable performance is built-in through fine formulation of dielectric materials, preparation of conductive pastes, automatic manufacturing and strict process control. This assures excellent control in dielectric thickness, electrode integrity, electrode to termination continuity, termination to lead connection and coating insulation.
Dielectric formulations are identified and classified by the capacitance temperature coefficient of materials. NPO, X7R, Z5U and Y5V are the four most common for industrial use. The internal electrodes and end termination pastes are made of extremely precious metals; such as palladium, and silver, which result in a lower dissipation factor. The inherent high resistivity of ceramic dielectrics yields very high values of insulation resistance. A safety factor is also added up in thickness design to withstand undesired transient voltage surges. The final construction has excellent frequency characteristics.
Since the soldering period of the SMT process takes a much longer time than the conventional assembly process, a special treatment of MLC chip end termination is required to prevent silver electrode from leaching during soldering. Nickel barrier is electroplated on the top of the silver layer which is suitable for this purpose, along with a solder layer which is electroplated consequently to enhance the solderability.
This type of capacitor is especially produced for SMT or hybrid assembly, which use reflow, vapor phase, wave
or any other kind of soldering systems.
• Small in size and large in capacitance.
• Superior humidity characteristic and long life due to complete sealing of inner electrodes.
• Low inductance and excellent frequency characteristics.
• Excellent solderability and resistance to soldering heat due to solder plating.
• Reduction of assembly costs and matching with auto placement machines.
• Hybrid thick and thin film integrated circuits
• Telecommunication equipment
• Computers
• Electronic wrist watches and cameras
• TV tuners
• Video cameras
• Radio and Tape Recorders

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