Surface Mount Capacitors

RG ALLEN Surface Mount Capacitors:

We are supplying a wide range of SMD (surface-mounted) Capacitors to our nationwide clients. SMD capacitors are just one form of capacitors that uses surface mount technology. Surface mount (SMD) capacitors are basically the same as their leaded predecessors. However instead of having leads they have metallised connections at either end.SMD-Multilayer-Ceramic-Capacitor

This has a number of advantages:

  • Size:   SMD capacitors can be made very much smaller than their leaded relations. The fact that no wired leads are required means that different construction techniques can be sued and this allows for much smaller components to be made.
  • Ease of use in manufacturing:   As with all other surface mount components, SMD capacitors are very much easier to place using automated assembly equipment.
  • Lower spurious inductance:   The fact that no leads are required and components are smaller, means that the levels of spurious inductance are much smaller and these capacitors are much nearer the ideal component that their leaded relations.

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