Resistors Networks

RG Allen Resistors Networks:

resistor networkA resistor network is a combination of several resistors that are configured into a pattern. Although most resistor networks use resistors that are connected in series, some resistor networks use resistors in parallel or series-parallel configurations. The resistors in a network act as voltage dividers which divide the voltage that is applied to a circuit into smaller amounts.

Available in a variety of package configurations, containing as many as 48 resistors and 64 contacts with densities up to 750 resistors/square inch, they are well-suited for memory and logic circuits in PCI and LVPECL cards, FPGA I/O terminations, and high density connector/backplane interfaces.

Resistor networks and RC terminations are low-cost resistor solutions for standard and custom circuit topologies including isolated and various bussed configurations.

resistor networkNL, NH Resistor Networks
TLN Resistor Ladder Networks
CRN Capacitor/Resistor Networks

Applications for Resistor Networks & Arrays:

Resistor networks are widely used in electronic applications. Resistor networks can be found in several applications:

  • Analog-to-digital conversion
  • Digital-to-analog conversion
  • Voltage dividers for power functions
  • Terminal for SDRAM and DDRAM
  • Computer applications
  • Consumer electronics

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