Metal Oxide Resistors

Metal Oxide Resistors

RSU2W122J resistors

RG Allen's oxide film resistors are ideally suited for medium-power applications. Surge levels exceed that of other film constructions. A thick complex-oxide material is deposited on a ceramic core for optimum heat dissipation, low inductance, and high stability even after extended periods. Mini version series utilizes highest grade cores and special processing for increased power density. Flameproof coating offers excellent environmental protection and is resistant to solvents and humidity.

Metal Oxide Resistors, often referred to as MOX resistors, are a type of fixed resistors widely used in electronic circuits and systems. These resistors are constructed by mixing metal oxide powders, such as tin oxide, with a ceramic binder material. The mixture is then formed into a cylindrical shape and subjected to high-temperature sintering processes to achieve the desired electrical characteristics.

Metal oxide film resistors are one of the most widely used resistors because they are superior in performance to the carbon composition and carbon film resistors. As the name indicated, metal oxide film resistors axially loaded resistors are made from a thin film of metal oxide that has been deposited into a ceramic rod. They are mostly used where power dissipation is required.

One of the key advantages of Metal Oxide Resistors is their ability to handle high power dissipation. They have a high power rating compared to other resistor types, allowing them to withstand elevated temperatures and handle larger currents without significant performance degradation. This makes them suitable for applications where power handling capability is crucial, such as power supplies, motor control, and high-power amplifiers.

Metal Oxide Resistors exhibit excellent stability and reliability over time. They have low temperature coefficients, which means their resistance values remain relatively stable over a wide temperature range. This characteristic is vital in maintaining accurate and consistent circuit performance in various operating conditions.

Another notable feature of Metal Oxide Resistors is their ability to handle voltage surges or high-energy pulses. They have a built-in surge resistance due to their metal oxide composition, making them suitable for applications where voltage transients are expected, such as in power supply filters and surge protection circuits.

Additionally, MOX resistors offer good noise performance and low inductance, which is advantageous in high-frequency applications. They can effectively suppress or minimize unwanted electrical noise and interference, contributing to improved signal integrity and overall circuit performance.

Metal Oxide Resistors are available in a wide range of resistance values, allowing for versatile use in different electronic designs. They come in standard axial-lead packages or surface mount technology (SMT) configurations, making them compatible with various circuit board assembly techniques.

Overall, Metal Oxide Resistors are highly regarded for their high power handling capabilities, stability, reliability, surge resistance, and noise performance. These characteristics make them a popular choice in numerous electronic applications that demand robust and precise resistance values.

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